apparently there's some link between acephobia and TERFs. i don't really understand, but I'm pro-ace and pro-trans so i guess that tracks...?

it's just weird bc aro/ace seems like an orientation that everyone would have the least gripes with since it's basically defined by a *lack* of interest in something? maybe I'm just very naive and there's something I'm not seeing here

@alexlaw well the people who fight to enforce normality don't usually care what kind of deviancy are you of. with them or against them

@CobaltVelvet i guess so but usually TERFs are (at least according to them) pro-gay, many of them gay themselves, and homosexuality is a pretty pivotal deviation from patriarchal structures of gender and sexuality. then again I'm probably foolish in trying to assume logical consistency of discriminatory people. maybe gayness really has been normalized enough to lump them in with other trad conservatives who pivoted to being anti-trans when they knew they lost the gay marriage debate


@alexlaw ye i think so, conservatives have accepted gay people that give in to their ideas, and more rarely even trans people that believe in enforcing strict binary gender roles and end up with their own niche conservatism

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@CobaltVelvet it's actually worrisome to me how quickly among LGBT people a sort of "i got mine, fuck u" mentality can surface.

@CobaltVelvet i don't want to get used to it ;( There should really be measures to prevent it. i think about this a lot with econ as well. like if the US successfully implements free healthcare, free college, taxing the rich, what's to prevent a younger generation from growing up complacent and fall back into boomer deregulatory capitalism?

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