i dont like that my notification need to be acknowledged actually

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is there no way to disable that. gargron come her e what is that

@CobaltVelvet at some point i was about to add a way to opt out but i guess i forgot 😩

@Claire i'll just have to click on that button every three seconds it's absolkutely fine

@CobaltVelvet i'm sorry i'm adding back “add a way to opt out notification read markers” on top of my TODO-list 😩

@CobaltVelvet but the idea is you don't have to click the button it just goes away when the notifications have been displayed and you switch tabs or something

@Claire i did not expect switching tabs to mark notifications as read,

@CobaltVelvet the idea was to behave kind of like discord and all
see at a glance what's new, then when you implicitly acknowledged that (or explicitly so) it goes away

@Claire thank you so much for taking the time to explain to the community why this functionality exists the way it does! Like, sincerely, this is hugely appreciated!

Is there a dev blog or something I don't know about where y'all usually discuss this sort of thing?


@marie_joseph @CobaltVelvet not really, there are my ramblings, the github issues and PRs, and but it wasn't mentioned there

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