looking at that again. it's just so funny. actually i think i found my new bio

it's getting worse now they're accusing wired and ddosecrets of being in on an extorsion lmaooo news.gab.com/2021/03/01/gab-do

ok here's my morning analysis: they hacked themselves my dudes it's not just far fetched it's ludicrous

nazis just love to be the victims when they're trying to genocide everyone around

(fallout voice) war, war never changes

@Nausicaa @CobaltVelvet
Je me demande si beaucoup d'utilisateurs de gab parlent de choux-fleurs 🤔

@belgianzoe @Nausicaa @CobaltVelvet en vrai ça pourrait être intéressant de comparer l'usage des CW :thaenkin:

@CobaltVelvet took me an embarrassingly long time to get that JaXpArO was, like, the disney pirate

@CobaltVelvet maybe put an archive link so people don't have to visit the actual site. archive.fo/GB6gf

Would like nothing less than have Trump, these fools be irrelevant..

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