abby in ncis

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if u must know i personally love her but only because she's fictional and introduced me to many classic goth music

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@CobaltVelvet headcanon: cops in media like that are okay because they clearly live in a parallel universe where cops only look for actual villains and never do any of the awful shit that cops do in our world

@wxcafe ye at least the ncis does vaguely good things, compared to most cops, and mostly dont even interact with civilians

@CobaltVelvet well yeah but even then I mean like all cop shows. Like, brooklyn 99? in real life, would be horrible. in media? yeah it's fine it's a parallel universe where the cops actually do have superpowers (they instinctively know when someone has done it, so it's fine if they use coercive methods to get a confession) and never do bad shit so we can appreciate them even tho they're "cops" because they're not really cops

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