yes, i am a 'security expert'. i will tell you x software is absolute trash and the best hope you have at the same time. im just doing my civic duty

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this post blew up so, i'm also doing that in a professional setting for three thousand dollars per hours. talk to your boss's boss about it and we'll split

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dont worry if he's not into it we'll generate a 'russian' 'cyberattack'

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did i just propose the plot to hackers 1995. am i plague. fuck cancel cancel

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(but russia fits you. I mean your private's TN is in russian)

@wxcafe no but somehow worst? i mean i trap teenage hackers and give them to the cops so

@wxcafe but tehcnically plague is exploiting the cops the whole time :thaenkin:

@CobaltVelvet reminds me of that one time where a random suspicious-looking company ran 'vulnerability scans' on the entire uni network unannounced, then sent the (overly dramatic sounding) reports to the *rector and vice-rectors* (not the technical staff) so that the former would pressure the latter into doing *something* because ofc they didnt know anything about what it actually meant but it sounded Bad

their 'scans' were also intensive enough to DoS some of the servers with relatively lower resources (read: student facility servers ran by students)

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