i dont like "if it's free you're the product" but it's usually way too accurate to ignore. maybe i'd prefer "if it's free you're the worker" because a lot of modern capitalism is about obfuscating classes of workers


free software, also, is a lot about obfuscating the worker, you. 'pr welcome' means 'you're welcome to join this work group', to become a worker. paid in satisfaction, which is a beautiful idea unless you don't have the privilege to live on satisfaction alone

similarly you're not the product of facebook twitter and amazon, you're the many workers. the product is information, that you exchange for quality of life. another group of workers will be expected to turn that information into corporate profits

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@CobaltVelvet As a consequence the free software ecosystem is mainly made of IT professionals who are mainly young white upper middle class men whi went to university and live in Europe or in the USA. It's no wonder the issues of inclusiveness and accessibility and so rarely and so badly addressed

@CobaltVelvet Yeah I hate to let people struggle but then when I fix the shit I don’t get paid

@CobaltVelvet Not entirely true, but very pernicious. Ever hear the phrase “free as in freedom, not free as in free beer?” That’s the basis of a pretty old movement to convince people to support free software because of the freedom it gives you, not because you get others to do work for you without having to repay them. They’re the ones who have been pushing the phrase “libre software” so that people know it’s the good kind of free.

@cy you're missing the point and trying to explain to me the hypothesis

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