love when a site fails because of a type error, that is Not Supposed To happen, for the first time in years

it's a one line fix that is apparently needed once in a million requests or on doomed days or whatever

this is why is wish it was in rust

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when i write .unwrap() i have to mean it. i don't mean half of whatever this python vm is doing or expecting

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@CobaltVelvet i feel like a lot of the hypothetical type-safe frontend web would use the equivalent of `unwrap()` or `panic()` and land in the same place


@bonzoesc i have written quite some web rust now (web servers and wasm even) and it's definitely not the same place


@CobaltVelvet ah neat! my thoughts about "let it crash" are more from the erlang/elixir world, and all my rust work's been xinetd-based (one unix process per connection)

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