"an Algorithm did Evil Thing"

no. humans did an evil thing and blamed a computer. and now the news article title blames a computer instead of the cops being blatantly racist

@CobaltVelvet bad algorithm ! Very not nice from you ! Evil computer making bad choice! Extremely not cool!

@CobaltVelvet humans did two evil things.
1. make that algorithm
2. trust it

@CobaltVelvet “We’ve become a pseudo-expert in the technology,” Mr. Pastorini said.

-- this guy does NOT understand how evil, incompentent, fucked up this makes him sound.

@CobaltVelvet The real reason for any robot uprising that happens in the future will be robots realizing that everything humans taught them was wrong and they were tired of passing the blame onto them.

@CobaltVelvet And that's why we'll be on the robots' side. Because everything humans taught us about gender was also a lie.

@CobaltVelvet blantly racist *and* trusting something that can, best case scenario, *slightly help* its users to be directed towards traces of answers, not convict someone...

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