2020, the main way of information is twitter, which is freely monitored and censored by multiple entities with various goals in each country, and is full of accounts massively operated by various lobbies who manipulate opinion for profit

real life cyberpunk is depressing eh

waiting for trump to demand an account he financed to be suspended

you know what else i love about real life, discovering yet another famous cis woman to be openly a terf every fucking day.

i feel so great about cis women, a third wants me dead or in a zoo, a third sees me as a weird kink they might want to try, and a third doesn't know trans people even exist

i tried Not To Post for a day so sorry everything is going in the same cursed thread

going on about twitter and fedi 

really this is why i think small scale changes are ultimately worthless. i do not want mastodon to be the biggest project or even big, but i think making the fediverse more universal is a worthy goal.

and thinking the fediverse should 'stay small' is ultimately elitist as fuck

because every twitter user is more power to twitter, and to every one twitter works with.
capitalism means power goes to the highest bidder-s, and you don't get to know who bids or wins.

we are NOT HELPING if all we end up doing is fancy tech for fancy people.
we are NOT SOLVING ANYTHING if all we do amounts to a proof of concept that the people who need it most will not or cannot use.


going on about twitter propaganda 

really part of the point is that the whole thing about 'russian bots'..

like the fucking grand old party isn't going to throw money at the first business proposing to run twitter bots for propaganda. i'm pretty sure there's a whole market for that and every 'career politician' is already either demanding or considering

literally every 'clue' pointing that to russia is.. nonexistent or dubious? when did infosec people start attributing shit based on .ru domains and ip addresses l fucking mao. that was and has always been a pr stunt at best. we all know how easy it is to place anything anywhere.
stop thinking you're a fucking detective going eureka look i found a cyrillic word or a russian ip address that could NOT have been put there on purpose to mislead me

@CobaltVelvet Russian/Cyrillic display names make my brain melt because of the very quick context switching

going on about twitter and fedi 

@CobaltVelvet I’m thinking about the suckless philosophy tbh.

> Our project focuses on advanced and experienced computer users. In contrast with the usual proprietary software world or many mainstream open source projects that focus more on average and non-technical end users, we think that experienced users are mostly ignored.

going on about twitter and fedi 

@CobaltVelvet I mean in theory it’s cool, but what did Linux achieve by being «simple» and unusable for most people? Even hardcore Linux users sometimes switch because of this.

I’d like of it to think this way: if we can’t provide software useful for advanced users and beginners, we’re going to miss beginners and tire advanced users, and nobody will win anything out of this.

Sure, hacking and minimalism is fun, but what about the reality around us?

going on about twitter and fedi 

@melunaka the whole believe that software is either powerful or simple is so full of shit (and yet another reason i think so is suckless).. both are compromises to hide bad design imho

going on about twitter propaganda 

@CobaltVelvet the democrat consultant sally albright was famously caught running an army of fake accounts for attacking bernie sanders

going on about twitter propaganda 

@CobaltVelvet as always, one person being caught means everyone is doing it

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