i'm joking of course i don't have much money. maybe one of your friends has a spare bitcoin

also 'i can harass people because i'm autistic and objecting is ableist' is not very convincing. might wanna try another angle. you've basically been annoying other autistic people for years you know? do you even care?

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fediverse, transmisia, t-slur 

@CobaltVelvet He also does the "I can't be transphobic because I have a trap gf" bullshit.

Deliberate misgendering is transmisic and that fact doesn't depend on any given relationship one may have, and we have the proof that he's done it to us.

Not to mention, ofc, that the word trap itself is transmisic due to the harm the "entrapment" concept causes to us.


@CobaltVelvet Oh. Ooooooooooooh. It’s *that* guy. We blocked him and some of his instances not too long ago. I never heard of him before a few month ago I think 😅.

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