mastodon privacy 

the rss thing is a preposterous non-issue.
there's no point in removing rss feeds when the public toots are just there in the open in a plain html page with anonymous access. 'making it 2% harder to scrap' does not look like a worthy move when we don't even have basic privacy options that would really solve the problem

we need options to remove posts (even public, and boosts) and rss feeds from profiles on unauthenticated access (you can't scrap if you can't enumerate)

we need private/followers-only posts to be more usable. people won't use the best security feature available if it breaks other things they need

Public Data Will Always Be Scrappable. there's nothing more to it

mastodon privacy 

remember when i said it would be good to have boostable and linkable private toots.

that's the solution, not having your data readily available to literally everyone, including google the nsa and any evil actor with an internet access.

the web of trust is important here. there's a lot of nuance between trusting only your current followers and Everyone Forever, and mastodon does not use that nuance.

mastodon privacy 

will be surely implémented, federation is already an end to end crypted action. all the pièces to have that are already here.
Would suggest creating an issue on github or looking for in progress about it

re: mastodon privacy 

@CobaltVelvet Tell me if I'm missing some info here: my thought was...

1. there's an option to *not* have one's toots in the public timeline
2. when that option is chosen, one's toots should also be left out of the public RSS feed (if they aren't already; I don't actually know)

@CobaltVelvet Are #RSS feeds on #Mastodon in serious danger? Is this a discussion about Mastodon code or some local configuration?

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