toots that are private but that can be boosted, but that will "propagate" the private status (and therefore not be publicly accessible)

yeah that would be perfect actually. i'd use that all the time. i'd have made it the default from the start even

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@CobaltVelvet so it'd be like a private toot that can be booster by people but only the people that could see it first will see the boost ?

@Luna_ like i post one, all my followers see it and can boost it

you can then boost it too and your followers will see it, but it will still be a "semi-private" toot and not displayed on your public profile or anonymously accessible on your profile

technically the whole world can see it, but only if we have a chain of trusted followers between us (of any length)

@Luna_ compared to private toots: my followers can boost it to people they more or less trust

compared to public toots: it won't be publi and impossible to archive/index without being one of my approved followers (or receiving boost), it would block every mass archiving attempt, and i believe reduce unwanted interactions (as someone can't just follow a link and see the semi-private toots)

@CobaltVelvet yeah, still can't really picture the thing

i see how it works it's just idk...

@Luna_ @CobaltVelvet I can see the benefit. You have that extra layer of security while simultaneously being able to get the word out on important stuff.

@Luna_ @CobaltVelvet A has followers B & C. C has followers D & E.

Person A makes a semi-private toot. At this point, only B & C can see it.

C then boosts A's semi-private toot, making it visible to their followers, D & E.

This process can then be repeated by D & E.

Basically, Twitter's main timeline and Mastodon's Unlisted mode, except link sharing is closer in functionality to Private.

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