@VioB @CobaltVelvet or of the many surname of the card dark confidant is "Bob" like solemn simulacrum is sad robot etc ^^

@Alesha @CobaltVelvet Hum, ok, but there's a lot of other Bobs then (like Robert "Bob" De Niro).

@VioB @CobaltVelvet yeah but I thought that being a MTG players you would get the ref tis all

@Alesha @CobaltVelvet Nope, never called "Dark Confidant" Bob I has to admit (but I doesn't give nicknames to cards, I think it's kinda silly).

@VioB wasn't talking about you just nickname the community gave and is mostly accepted as a group nickname

@Alesha Of course; but I don't know their nicknames for thiat reason.

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