linux and ssh and cli tools but copy/paste isn't some awkward x11 hack that nothing every properly works with

imagine a shell with copy/paste support that isn't through the fucking awful xclip. and then allowing a shell in ssh to use your clipboard and copying a thing on a server. and then sharing it between computers without fucking synergy/barrier


xclip is a good illustration of everything i hate with "linux".

it's a third party package that you have to install. it has awful syntax that isn't exactly like any other convention and has messy arg parsing. it's verbose and requires arguments to work as expected. it hasn't changed much in a decade. and yet it still doesn't even always "just work".

@CobaltVelvet now imagine if every organization, project, department, or group worked about the same

@Mainebot if i wanted to think about the world i uhhhh where is this toot going

linux: xclip -selection clipboard -out
mac: pbpaste
linux: xdg-open $file >/dev/null 2>&1 &
mac: open $file

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