me: i'm not into photography, at all

also me: i love taking pictures of weirdly constructed scenes using interesting objects and thinking about the best way to capture them and publish them

really i may like making films but it's prolly way too late to really think of that or so unlikely it's not worth it


hahah like
too late you're already an old
or too late its almost midnight

@Mainebot too late i'm already a mildly old and i don't have all the bullshit you need to kickstart something like that, like rich parents or network or social skills or whatever

@Mainebot it's the kind of thing that looks like where either you're amazing in many ways or you're just born slightly into it or had huge help

@CobaltVelvet Don't think about the imaginary stops to keep you from doing it, look at how low the bar really is to start.

A camera for video shooting
thats it

@CobaltVelvet every time you do it, you get better at it
I mean ffs you code shit, you didn't start knowing how, you did it and got better. Its the same for everything.

Or I could imagine I need to go to computer nerd school to lean 2 computer talk code and you're either super good at it to begin with or someone is paying for it OH WAIT THIS IS YOUR ARGUMENT

@CobaltVelvet anyways my point is don't waste time imagining why not, just go do it

@Mainebot ok but then what. what good can you even do with a smartphone camera and uh a budget around zero euros and no good idea. like most thing i'd love to get into i have no idea at all where to start and what to do

@Mainebot wait weed just provided some answers that may just be weird enough

@CobaltVelvet Literally an entire feature film was shot by David Lynch on a single digital camera years ago.

Look at experimental films, see what other people doing exactly that thing are doing and draw inspiration.

@CobaltVelvet @Mainebot idk the thing i've learned from various hobbies is like.. recreate a thing you like. work on how to take apart the thing you like, so you can understand how it was done

take away one of the variables so you can focus on another

@CobaltVelvet Honestly the older I get the funnier it gets when people younger than me talk about things being tooooooo late to do with their lives.

its like
come on
if you keep thinking that way you're just going to waste those years anyways.

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