finally found the right ffmpeg args

i think i lost 75% of that time adding arguments at the end instead of before the output file 🤔

it's a uh

it's in a big folder that could be called "deepdream animation fuckery"

i'm freeing up space and archiving all that

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i guess at some point i just left it running and it produced a 1.2GB gif that i have probably never fully watched

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@CobaltVelvet Ow. I've seen other tools that require the input and/or output to be the very last argument. It can be annoying, but I suppose it's good practice since putting that stuff in the same place lets people see at a glance what's being used.

@KitsuneAlicia meh i don't find that convincing. it's even more explicit with a named argument for both that you can put in any order (like, -i input -o output, or -o output -i input). and then if you remove an option but not its value, the value won't be mistaken for an output file

@CobaltVelvet Yeah, I'm pretty sure the one I encountered was that way too.

And you're right. They obviously have the ability to process these things regardless of where they're at, but for whatever reason, they choose not to.

@CobaltVelvet Technically, old doesn't necessarily mean bad, but it is more likely due to the relative lack of standards based on our expectations.

Kinda like having some games that used Triangle to jump while others used X back in the PS1/PS2 days.

@KitsuneAlicia old does not mean bad, i meant ffmpeg is both (it's been bad for a long time and no one really wants to fix it)

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