a tiny oscilloscope. random electronics. a rigid coax cable. two smart bracelets.

ahhh the weird crystals are apparently silicon carbide. to make primitive leds. looks nice

the tiny scope doesn't work huh. it's very cute but the measurements are very random.
at least the documentation is nice, i'm sure it won't be too hard to fix

hah there's a board to board connector inside with 2x5 pins. only half are connected, to the wrong pins, literally one millimeter wrong to the bottom

this is just shoddy but i kinda expect it for a "pre-assembled" diy kit (but not tested or calibrated in any way i guess)


any reasonable human: just use your fucking smartphone. or that actual good scope on your desk

me: ohhhh look a tiny cute oscilloscope :blobaww:

@CobaltVelvet um considering possibility of magic smoke events, i think not putting your smart phone near is a good plan

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