how many fediverse instance admins in my polycule

we talking extended polycule or direct polycule, because each is a very different answer

@pea @CobaltVelvet what the fuck

sorry i dont really understand any of this

like i get if youre in a poly relationship and dating multiple people (with the consent of all people involved) but this "extended polycule" stuff.... idk im not a fan of this "indirect dating" stuff...... rubs me the wrong way imo

@sadcatstarry @CobaltVelvet ? it's not indirect dating, it's just a word to describe the whole "graph of people who're dating each other"

@pea @sadcatstarry ye like, a cousin or something. it doesn't imply anything for them or both of us except they're in your family now and there are people and relationships between so you may meet them next time you all get together

@sadcatstarry @pea ye. but it's also good and acceptable to date them too sometimes so you can become a trouple or more if you're all into it. and i think it's pretty cool

@sadcatstarry @pea well sometimes you just happen to fall in love with your boyfriend's girlfriend and then find out that kissing two people at the same time is pretty funny and being in bed between the two is Good

@CobaltVelvet That would be amazing. I really wish there was a way to find out 😅

@spacekookie @CobaltVelvet Portals would be sooo handy in soo many situations!

But then someone would build a chair with an integrated portal, and the entire thing would go to shit.

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