you all know the solution to foss devs not being paid is to not require people to earn money in order to have a tolerable life right

@CobaltVelvet universal basic income would solve it, and I support it, but is its own social engineering problem to get running... FOSS devs have to figure out how to pay the bills in parallel to that being solved :)

@cwebber we have many though and they're all little compromises with capitalism that end up working for a few people and leaving most with not much help. and then there's all the non-foss-devs that it doesn't help at all.

i'm all for foss people earning money but i'm pretty sure whatever the specific solution it's not likely to work very well for me or many other people, unless the problem is widely solved

@cwebber @CobaltVelvet ubi without rent control just amounts to indirect cash transfer to landlords

@CobaltVelvet are you double sure the solution isn't drm everywhere all the time

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