Yes there are knobs for speed, density, and brightness

i think the worst part of those projects is connecting the cube. for the big one it's regular pcb headers badly cut and once in a while the contact breaks and you have to gently tap it for a column to not light up very bright (and possibly damaging things, since it's not pwm'd then)

also it takes like an hour with tweezers to get the 80 pins in place (20 are directly soldered)

@CobaltVelvet Wow, that is amazing! Very cool and very beautiful!

@CobaltVelvet is it weird that the first thing I do when I see someone's workspace is try to understand the character of its organisation?

@Mainebot not to me. every time i see a picture i just have to look at the background for Things

@CobaltVelvet yeah! If there's a bookshelf, I read the titles. If there is an art, I wanna know what it is. I love incedental information and un-staged spaces.

@CobaltVelvet thinking on it
This would be awesome mounted in an infinity mirror frame, and then like finished in wood. Bronze plate and thick resin knobs for controls.

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