You: "What do you mean open source software reeks of elitism and toxicity?"

Arch Linux:

@spacekookie i wouldn't say that is elitism alone because it's, like, on purpose and for security reasons. it becomes elitism when arch users feel superior over ubuntu users and shit like that

@CobaltVelvet Yeah I'm in line with @spacekookie. Granted, does this even go on to mention an official support channel? If not, then this is just asking people wanting to tinker with it to fail

@jalcine @CobaltVelvet Seconded. The only acceptable phrasing would have been "Sorry that we can't make this work for everybody at the moment, but we'd be stoked to incorporate contributions that bring us closer to this goal!"

But it does not, so @spacekookie s analysis that this is exclusionary and elitist is very much accurate.

@CobaltVelvet @tethre @jalcine @spacekookie fwiw the dev made aurman mostly for themselves and then got overwhelmed with requests by people who kept filing issues that had nothing to do with aurman whatsoever, so that rant is mostly coming out of a place of frustration and not malice

that doesn't really absolve the elitist tone though, there are better ways to say "please read the faq before filing an issue"

@CobaltVelvet @tethre @jalcine @spacekookie also other note: yay is a more well-supported helper if you're into that, and also more helpful for most people and more easily installed

of course the usual caveats apply to any aur helper: be careful what you install from aur, know what you're doing, etc etc.


@trwnh @tethre @jalcine @spacekookie personally i've been using yaourt and then trizen and trizen is pretty nice (pacman-style arguments; interactions are concise)

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@CobaltVelvet yaourt is the worst tbh, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that yaourt is the cause of most broken systems, aside from octopi (which regularly performs partial upgrades and leaves your system in a broken state)

i used to use packer before it was renamed to packer-aur; that was basically a bash script to clean build packages and nothing else. no fluff

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