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virtualice @CobaltVelvet

@jkb *looks around, scrolls a little*

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@CobaltVelvet DON'T YOU DARE LOOK INTO MY INBOX. Dammit, these things are private, the heck do you think you're doing?

@jkb what

i just acknowledged a lack of sudden tiddies in my field of view

@CobaltVelvet Oh OK, for a moment I thought you were scrolling for these specific sudden tiddies. One never knows what may happen when you're involved, you cheeky hackerkitty.

@jkb yeah good thing younger me never got to manage anything with actual data

@CobaltVelvet Current you would be locked up, indeed.

@jkb more like cto of some awful startup but yeah

@CobaltVelvet There is only one difference between a CTO in a startup and an actual jail inmate: the former east food out of cardboard box, the latter out of an aluminium tray.

@jkb ahhh soylent in a cardboard box fantastic idea

@CobaltVelvet I had pizza in mind, Soylent TASTES LIKE cardboard but is packaged in plastic.