@Mainebot they're still hosted but i'm making the infrastructure as light and simple as possible, so the panel won't work and all that.
in the end i expect to keep only my instances and a few friends and stop the whole commercial side

@CobaltVelvet I guess that simplifies the whole invoicing thing too, if there is no real invoicing.

@Mainebot not really, that was very automated and i'll still charge people while instances are up (i'm still paying servers)

@spudboy it is and I'm still open to it, but it will stay closed until that happens.

@CobaltVelvet Hi! Sorry if I'm being too curious. Do you stop because it's too much time consuming and you're doing this on your freetime, or did you try to live from it and it doesn't pay enough, or are there personal reasons?

@danstonchat a bit of all of those - it's too much work, i don't have the energy to run a full business, and there it's not paying enough for me to live from it (it doesn't look like it would for a very long time, assuming expansion).

@CobaltVelvet @danstonchat thanks for trying though. The idea is still good, and I hope someone else will take it up.

@CobaltVelvet Are the scripts for running that open-source?

(Still interested in doing something with this, but events seem to be overtaking me.)

@woozle i'll certainly make them open-source someday, ping me sometime later if you want it before i take the time to clean and document it

@CobaltVelvet I'm sorry it ends that way. Please, take care of yourself.

@CobaltVelvet I'm not too sure how to say that, but I'm supporting you.
I hope you'll get your spoons back.

WTF? Is this some kind of phishing site? a bad joke?

@rick_777 what no

maastodon was my mastodon hosting provider, and it's now at least temporarily closed

@CobaltVelvet Thank you for everything. (I know this could be read as sarcastic, but I'm 100% sincere.)

@CobaltVelvet Too bad. I liked their service but a couple of weeks ago I ended up moving everything to digitalocean.com/ .

Just in time I guess!

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