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⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

Pinned oot

*sees nice people and/or things*
*starts crying*

*hits bong*

i'm fine

something i didn't expect to love that much: accidentally hitting my earring just the right way to produce an audible resonance

best and worst thing of being alice: there are many alices. a great thing for pseudo anonymity, a terrible thing for subtoots

me about every name except alice for some reason: nah it's already someone i know i just can't do that i don't deserve it

(i actually have a partial list but i'm not ready to actually use them)

i want to pick a second first name but it's even much much harder than naming variables and skyrim characters

i want an account where i can just tell people i love them all the time

but also maybe it's a good reason to find a more original one idk

can i delete an account if i want their name. they've been inactive for a long time

i'm still shocked by c++ not initializing class attributes that are primitive types. an int in your class will not be initialized unless you explicitly do it and you'll get a random value there. it's terrible and slightly worrying. rust really made me forget all those awful things

i guess it's spectrum analyzer or a mix of boredom and loneliness *plugs hackrf*

you can now use and to use multiple accounts in the same browser session

i don't remember any of last night's toots but I stand by it

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