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<- this AI tries to actually understand your reports and emits a judgement. it was trained on the whole internet and generally "feels bad"

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to sum up my personality better than any test,, i don't want to be a supervillain i want to be a supervillain's pet sidekick

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⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

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*sees nice people and/or things*
*starts crying*

*hits bong*

i'm fine

my new hobby when i'm on the toilet and a cat is scratching at the door is to scratch back. i think it confuses them for a few seconds

(it's not second favorite as in i like the first more, but as in the first was my favorite before the second was ma favorite too)

i fucking love this song. i just find it so catchy. i can't forget it. it'll eventually appear to me again. it's my second favorite bmth song (first being crucify me)

me: i think i have a crush on this person. wait i'm in love with this person
also me: you've literally known that for many years and mentioned it twice lmao shut up


helllo. following the conclusion of a very serious research paper published recently, cauliflower talk is now forbidden on octodon, even with content warning. thank you for your understandding


seeing someone 'react' to my post with the cry-laugh emoji and getting so mad i go and kick a hole in my neighbours' house

jstor is 'jesus-thor', a syncretistic deity worshipped in early medieval scandinavia

no, none of you k,now my true name, i don't even know my true name

if you draw a pentagram and say my true name i shall appear in front of you holding a pickle jar and a bag of your favorite human hormones

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