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Alice Voidstar @CobaltVelvet

45 likes let's see how much it can get

It *was* a good toot

Mastodon Admins are now required to smoke weed at least once per inter-instance drama, as per the new Federation Peace Convention aimed at restoring peace and justice in the galaxy. Thank you.

-- your beloved de facto empress

@maloki *passes a bong* sure you're admin enough

@Elizafox yes I know it and praise it but it's much more than an individual state, it's a connection and higher thing for the whole specie

@Elizafox how is that related to the idea of singularity

i mean every attempt at anything just end up making everything worse and more sad and fuck it.
why even try shit? is anything worth it? I really do want to believe but it sure looks like a huge obvious delusion

sorry I'm completely sober I can't nihil

fuck real life is hard and frustrating

pls send love and attention and privilege and a lot more drugs or whatever

@Elizafox shitty highideas makes you appreciate meaninglessness tho

Current mood: travel in time, watch all of Better Call Saul and become a lawyer and get bored

@Dianora Okay, it does look like a Mastodon bug. hopefully fixed in the next release.

I think I just got a joke I heard years ago by combining it with another one and I think that's beautiful

VM is booting again and may be fixed, I'm gonna sleep/do something else. Let's hope it goes well and/or wait for tomorrow.

@Averly don't worry it will get fixed soon 💝

@lord fixin' stuff, some progress, some more failures

@danielle nothing, it is. Being able to entirely avoid deadnaming is a privilege everyone doesn't have (or need).