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it's funny because if you don't know me i must look like complete joke on the internet. but if you know me i'm a complete joke And unbelievably cool

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im that typical npc that does a lot of drugs as a personality trait with a backstory you're dying to know but no one bothered to write and who tells the main character an extremely important thing in every three conversations

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they told me i could become anything so i became a nerd a junkie and a slut
'no not like that' they scream,

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trying to get all your surgeries done before the collapse of society hashtag cyberpunk irl

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<- this AI tries to actually understand your reports and emits a judgement. it was trained on the whole internet and generally "feels bad"

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⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

cursed by the heat again (horny) (temperature is fine)


gonna have a normal one.
a normal cum

get high watch kitchen nightmares & mb work at 3 a m or so. good day every one


i mean trusting the market with your economies because someone told you the bitcoin is gonna Go Up is kinda cucked.

when your not at the top of the pyramid your getting ponzi cucked

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brain is post soup (a soup made of posts, not post-soup)

sorry can't work im uh balancing my phone on my boob. it's important

too many voices in my head and they make way too little sense. please i'm trying to vibe over hear

is it a quiet part of a song or a distant siren or an hallucination

my nose feels weird can someone punch me real quick

aliexpress and product description ellipsis 

"sexy and fash..."

> You can add 100 items to cart at the most. Please remove some items before adding more.

how dare u

escuse me i'm Small and this 'plus size' item is too small for me what the fuck

oof i just remembered some awful bit of dream i had last night

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