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āšŖļø a man
āšŖļø a woman
šŸ”˜ '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

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*sees nice people and/or things*
*starts crying*

*hits bong*

i'm fine

*tries self-care*

i am now coconut-flavored garbage hello

*constructing some elaborate shitpost*

*gives up*

*starts constructing meta-shitpost about it*

oh fuck i feel terrible i'm lonely everything is garbage

maybe imperative programming was a mistake

"too high for discourse" is a thing and it is fine

just leave me there

mkdir, fails if it exists:
write('/dir', None, dir=True)

mkdir, fails if it does not exist:
write('/dir', None, dir=True, prevExist=True)

whereas the obviously common usage would be "a want a directory /dir and couldn't give a fuck about its previous presence as i have an actual function to fill"

etcd.write('/instances', None, dir=True, prevExist=True)

etcd.EtcdKeyNotFound: Key not found : /instances

this api is the worst piece of shit i've had to deal with today

just another polyvalent tool to mass download porn

weird side project: jdownloader, but actually good, and without java, and web based so you can run it on a server, and as a process manager that can call rsync, wget or youtube-dl and manage concurrent jobs, and with a scrapy editor/test UI

tfw you break sudo because your long arch upgrade failed and you have to abuse docker to get a root shell

i think the only thing i want everyone to realize is that:

you can fork it and be the new manager.
you can run your own project based on it and choose what you'll put in the next release.

but there a very good reason you and me are not doing it, and we should be honest about it instead of getting mean and angry when it's not as good as we expect.

and it's true for all software.

ah yes also

this is completely unrelated to @vahnj (sorry, didn't even know about your toots, it's just a timing issue)

it's totally okay to ask for features and talk about them and propose things, it's a good and needed part of development and an important part of how free software works.

just don't start shitting on developers when we don't have time to work on it for free.

i'm just gonna say it plainly:

Gargron is not a CEO, for what i know he's a developer.
I know just how bad it is to be between and having to struggle with both, and that's why i won't judge and you shouldn't either.

Management is work just like development. It requires skills and time many don't have.

i don't agree with all of Gargron's management choice but i don't expect him to do it differently

it's free software, if you can fork it and make it better fucking go ahead.

i know i can't and i certainly won't. he doesn't owe me or anyone else anything.

Same for all developers and instance admins: we don't owe you shit. It's not some privilege to be responsible for your software, and it's not a job unless you're reasonably paid.

you miss something? then do it.
you can't? then learn or pay someone to do it.

it's not like *we* are in any better situation than anyone else is. we don't have more money, we don't find jobs more easily, we don't have more time to spend on side projects.

you can't expect one gargamel to be everyone's personal full time developer and that should be fucking obvious.

i think a lot of the people criticizing mastodon's development are way too hard

criticizing twitter's decisions is one thing very different.

this is not some commercial black box - this is our work. if it's bad it's partly because you're not doing shit about it.

i don't like people coming to a free software and requiring stuff and feeling entitled to it being perfect. developers are just like you, people who need money and have a shitty job that already takes most of their time.

today i'll get work done

*6 hours later*

there's still time

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