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<- this AI tries to actually understand your reports and emits a judgement. it was trained on the whole internet and generally "feels bad"

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to sum up my personality better than any test,, i don't want to be a supervillain i want to be a supervillain's pet sidekick

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βšͺ️ a man
βšͺ️ a woman
πŸ”˜ '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

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*sees nice people and/or things*
*starts crying*

*hits bong*

i'm fine

really what mastodon needs is an emphasis tag displayed as regular text with large letter spacing. it's necessary to my semantic shitpost

regular movies but you have like three or four audio tracks so you can make voices louder than explosions and lasers

*goes upstairs*

it was in my bag right next to me all along πŸ‘Œ

wish i could charge my laptop with usb-c because i do not want to get up

it's using around 6W rn so a phone charger could probably work

it looks nice from a long distance, then it's an ugly dysfunctional mess (at least we have things in common)

why is my thing not loggeddd

lastpass: i'll need your yubikey
me: ugh it's on the other floor i'll get it tomorrow and do the thing later

me: got the yubikey let's do this
lastpass: you don't need it actually let me log you in

dramatic shitpost 

when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

Our world need to return to the fine old days when studios made movies about monsters from different franchises duking it out, like Freddy versus Jason or Alien versus Predator.

With this concept in mind, I present to you:

Lord of the Rambos.

i demand that tld so i can idk give a domain to someone and maybe shitpost about it


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