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they told me i could become anything so i became a nerd a junkie and a slut
'no not like that' they scream,

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trying to get all your surgeries done before the collapse of society hashtag cyberpunk irl

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<- this AI tries to actually understand your reports and emits a judgement. it was trained on the whole internet and generally "feels bad"

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to sum up my personality better than any test,, i don't want to be a supervillain i want to be a supervillain's pet sidekick

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⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

ok that's it i nearly fluently read morse code what has homestuck done to me

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'you cant kill the contract killer! this is not right!' wotch me

do you even know someone if you haven't been in the same shareholder meeting together

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no you're all acting in bad faith, 'outsider' of course meant 'not in my country club'

'identities' are for healthy people. i'll just have iden and tities

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why have a first name when you can call me a and break the flow of every conversation

'trump' is peak lawful evil, 'a' is peak chaotic good, i will not be answering questions

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calling yourself by your family name is lawful, picking a common noun is chaotic, doing so to build a reputation is evil, doing so to annihilate your identity is good

'my breasts are nice but they'd be better on a corpse' the good morning mood

i'm hungry but also sick but also thirsty but also i'd rather not exist

dark red bed sheets are very practical actually blood stains are hardly noticeable

if u are proud of your royal ancestry you inherit the guillotining too i don't make the riles

do u want to be alive

give me an onion and a tomato and i'll just take a big bite out of each, to the horrifying look of the audience

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'finish your cop leg some people are starving out there and or getting hurt by cops'

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not that it would make me eat meat, but i'd feel less bad about letting cop meat be wasted,

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