Oh yeah. I definitely have a problem with browser tabs.

Might be a long shot, but is there windows software that can do something like keyboard layer emulation? Turns out I love numpads too much

Hi, it me, the red-green colorblind himbo trying to come up with a red-green color theme for my documentation.

Extrapolating from online dating profiles, there must be a diploma mill somewhere for Cool Guy certification 🤔

I want to pitch a mech game to a certain indie game company just so I can have this slide in my deck:

“Get in the fucking robot, Finji!”

When they go low, we go “ello ello ello, what's all this then”

“Your level of understanding is so shallow, you can walk on water like Jesus”

A rom-com with a himbo/sapiosexual pairing.

It's kind of funny to realize now, after having worked in 3D games, that Bob-Omb Battlefield is kind of setup like a prototyping gym.

Anxiety brain can we go to sleep already please

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Alien film where Weyland-Yutani have domesticated the xenomorph by putting a little jingly bell on it that lets you know when it's coming

Oh, you're a JavaScript optimizer? Then name every variable.

SJW mathematicians always going on about Euler, what about EulHIM?!?!

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Do you remember, the 21st night of September? 🎵
When Marcos made himself a dictator 🎵

I still love this cursed Funko Pop emoji

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