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Working from Home When You Have Cats
- On the one hand, your productivity is impeded
- On the other hand, who gives a shit

@kingu_platypus_gidora somewhat. power's more apt to use orchestras, synthesizers, and/or operatic singing styles. e.g. Edguy's "Babylon"

@kingu_platypus_gidora power metal is cheesy (generally self-consciously so). Heavy metal is more likely to take itself seriously


And here's my previous toot in Guardian article form:
"'Aristocrats are anarchists': why the wealthy back Trump and Brexit"

us/world pol 

John Edwards used to say there are "two Americas." He wasn't wrong, but post-Panama Papers, we ought to be saying there are "two Earths":

1- The transnational conspiracy of the treasonous hyperrich; and

2- Their victims.

one of the best Sam Jackson line reads is in Die Hard 3 when he first greets nude, sandwich-board-bearing Bruce Willis & says "Are you having a good day, Sir?"

I say that to my cat a lot


The saddest thing about all of this is how rapidly our system was brought to its knees by some of the STUPIDEST POSSIBLE plutocrats.

Literally, stupidest possible. Any stupider and they couldn't form words or feed themselves.

@selfnoise yeah, & here's hoping the Non-Skywalker Trilogy has a lot more of that!

@selfnoise IIRC it's well-established in the West End Games RPG, and possibly in some of the old-EU before that. But very cool to see it! Kind of wished the movie lingered longer on his experiences there

Super Wolf Harvest Blue Blood Dimmed Tide Meat Boy Moon 64

@Alisca i know and it's in Starcraft and Buffy too but like what did SHE mean?! because I WANNA SAY IT but i gotta know what the f it means first

Finally started the Sopranos last week. Mrs. CoB keeps saying that James Gandolfini looks like the transporter accident (a la Tuvix) of George Costanza and David Wallace.

People, we'd better make DAMN sure that Paul F. Tompkins and Nicholas Lowry never meet, or else we can kiss this space-time continuum goodbye

Early Xmas today. The theme of all the gifts was either stress relief or escapism. CAN'T IMAGINE WHY

"So, the Internet has basically become that alien language from the 'Darmok' episode, hasn't it?"

"Don't be ridiculous. The Internet is the 'Darmok' language talking about porn."

"Temba, his arms wide!!"

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