Look as this picture of the tiny baby Watson. Ignore the human that refused to grow a mustache with his beard, he is irrelevant

D&D stuff 

This is the art i decided to use for my nature themed monk that focuses on the balance between harmony and discord. I get to play him Sunday and i can't wait. His name is Kreios

2 hours in and i gotta take a break before my hand turns into a claw. WIP going longship. I don't have a tutorial to teach me how to do it so I'm just sorta winging it hoping not to waste a block. I got it to stand up on its own :3

In better news, looking at my most common feelings in my tarot app fills me with determination

WIP, whittling 

My lil tyr statuette. Worked for about a day on it. The shield in the bottom right was supposed to be a sun cross but i fucked it up and popped the arms off. I dunno how I'm gonna fix it :/

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