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I'm Red. I live in Florida, I play video games and I'm really big into paganism, animism and occult type stuff. I've seen every episode of every trek series multiple times and i have Opinions about them. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I post about my progress to make myself feel better about it. I've been on masto since the first big Twitter migration back in.... 2019? If I've upset you in the past I'm probably sorry about it. Also former admin of

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hi im trying masto again
i used to be pretty wound up and now i just want a place to be silly and share pics and stuff i make and jorts seemed like a good fit.

im a game/3d artist. ive been trying to shift off from typical realism to stylized and painted styles more. i really like dreamcore weirdcore and goth art right now

i like to go on weird tangents about cult movies, games and stuff. i really like fun music too. mostly dorian electra and the garden rn.

eye contact

Looking in to warhammer stuff with the same energy as a poor Victorian era orphan looking into the window of loving family.

I've been having a fun time with total war: warhammer 2. Can only play in small spurts before i start losing a bunch due to laziness but its got a good learning curve

Look i get that watching a movie/tv show and having it stopped now and then to hear "in the book This was different" can get tedious but i didn't dig through 100 hours of Dune Audio books just to watch David lynch ignore the mechanics of lazgun fire on personal shielding

I wasn't paying attention and i let rip a massive fart in the breakroom and had to apologise to everyone

Superpower: ability to copy any sound no matter how complex with one's voice

Use: one man cover band

Had an idea for a video i wanted to see called tarot cards represented by characters in media but the shit does not exist wtf

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rhys sent me some new procreate brushes and ive been having a blast!!, this is what i did today (3.5 hr estimate)

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Staring at a stranger for 15 minutes before shouting out an animal. They run before i can tell them i just identified their 'sona

"He comes at me with tropes? When my fiance has wasted years of his life on tvtropes and pauses every show to point them out, this man comse at me with tropes???"

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My partner said that the writing on star trek Picard was predictable and clunky. a boomer responded back that actually many of our classics dating back to the earliest written stories were "predictable" then linked to the Hero with a thousand faces book lol

There's a woman that works at my job, about 26 years old. She's short, does the Elizabeth Warren down pitch voice thing, and wears a fedora every single day. No one has seen her without it. She's the head of production under only the owner/vp. She's the epitome of girlboss and she scares the shit out of me

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This is the art i decided to use for my nature themed monk that focuses on the balance between harmony and discord. I get to play him Sunday and i can't wait. His name is Kreios

I bought total war: warhammer and I'm not gonna lie, looks like a game That's joust gonna sit in my stream library for a few years


Let us prayto the gods of inebriation for fat dank buds with small stems

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Thank you for the good luck rituals, my dealer had obtained the weed and hid it somewhere for me so i can get it without him being there

I shall soon be stoned. After work

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