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I'm Red. I live in Florida, Im a norse pagan animist and i love occult type stuff. I DM dungeons and dragons for friends and strangers, and i regularly run games for new people who have never played before (ask to join!) I have delved into tarot a lot lately and i do readings for ppl of the fedi (i have a post about it pinned!) I've seen every episode of every trek series multiple times and i have Opinions about them. I post about diabetes and my progress with it but i try to cw diet talk. Also former admin of if you send a follow request I'll almost certainly accept, assuming you're not a racist/homophobe/misogynist type.

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If you want one, just DM me (if you prefer them to be private, i don't mind having it public if you don't.) Note that i can do a better one if you give me some info on what's concerning you, the more info the better, but that's not 100% necessary either. Just know it might be less detailed if i don't know what's up! Also if you have a specific spread you want just lemme know, otherwise I'll choose for you

Anyway ace characters are great and they easily remove the worst part of any media: the unnecessary romance

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I have a powerful mage character who is ace and he was chosen to teach a succubus/incubus how to perform magic specifically because he's immune to her tricks.

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I, unfortunately, am not ace, but all my hero characters are. No time for pussy there's heroing to do

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Googling what dying from diabetes looks like, for a fun glimpse into my future

Hollywood will make a movie called "Meth gator" and spend 3/4s of the movie focusing on boring no name characters whos only purpose is to die to the meth gator

Huge cishet guy joke is to pretend you're gay for your friend

Ultimate battle, choose your side

I'm the kind of guy that would rather starve that eat a grapefruit but I'll eat raw red onion as a treat

I have still not recovered from those spacex flight suits NASA used.

It's like buying that cool looking clothing from facebook ads which only actually looks good because it's safety pinned to the mannequin in all the right places to make it look good.. But you know, for a few million USD.

Funniest twist would be if God really did make us in his image but millions of years of evolution changed us so God is really just like, a protein sequence or some sort of amoeba

Unless you're a farmer I don't ever wanna hear the word fertile come from your mouth

If you've been watching house of the dragon, who do you support at the moment?

Boost please :3

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