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Hey #Crystallography folks. Are any of you going to be watching @bruker 's webinar on mineral identification on the 22nd? #XRD #RealTimeChem #Chemistry #Crystals #Chem

hey, there's a switch on an old camcorder battery here. one side has a red dot, that's the only markings. i wonder what it's for That isn't Satan. That is clearly Satan's father. It says so right on the license plate.

Wait, didn't God create Satan? Is that God in that car? Is he trying to mollify his angry teen son?

So @DialMforMara has an interview starting about now. You should all send her good wishes.

So has anyone worked out a scheduled posting function for Mastodon?

So, I think after Thunderball, Never Say Never Again, and The Spy Who Loved Me, I'm out of #JamesBond #Bond movies with cool nature scenes. Am I wrong? Looking for recommendations.

i should not be allowed to do tech support in discord channels because whenever someone is just getting incomprehensible and i don't understand their issue my default response is "perform a blood sacrifice"

[ ⌒ ▽⌒ ] Registrations for will open in one hour!

!!! @DialMforMara s playing her first FPS *ever*. She choose Wolfenstein 3D (HTML4 port) as she thought it would be cathartic. #FPS #Wolfenstein #HTML4 #Wolfenstein3D #DOS

Online now! Hoping to talk about crystallography, mabey some roleplaying, being a grad student, or video games. Whatever my audience wants to talk about, all three of you.

Preparing to go online! Come see , or just hang out and talk.

Going in to work to do some X-Ray diffraction. If you want to see one of the ways that chemists discover what things are made of, just like science, or just want to find out what I look like and hang out, drop by in about 45 minutes.

@TheDiscordian @Canageek I updated the server info so it's clear we're more of an RPG-oriented Mastodon instance and less of an OSR-specific Mastodon instance.


Years ago when I fixed more computers I kept a copy of a Knoppix CD handy. It worked quite well, but seemed to be updating less and less. But I moved on from doing that and so didn't keep up.

Recently I needed to fix a computer, so I set up a XBuntu flash drive. Worked, but SUPER slow. Not snappy like Knoppix was.

So what is the current fast running, optimized live distro? Is Knoppix still the best for that? #Linux #Knoppix

What makes for a good adventure hook? Specifically, what makes for a good, concise hook/rumor?

Incidentally, guess who needs to write like 60 hooks for a set of tables?


Have been invited to do the inside cover of the issue of the scientific journal my paper will be printed in. Looking for people to privately give me feedback on it, preferably with experience in science (or cover design)

Also, I did a very simple and interesting reaction that happens when you put uranyl in light with water around, and while this has been known for a long time, to do it on a useful scale you normally need to add some powerful chemicals, and I did it without those.

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