@kara@occult.camp I've changed my profile to a red X to help!

@kara@occult.camp @ambyrb@witches.town @KevinCarson1 @Fumon @JTE@the.resize.club @Louise@witches.town @katje@witches.town This is my dead, not used anymore account.....


I see people following me here: So everyone knows, I'm now at @Canageek for main, and @Canageek for roleplaying.

I dabble in #music and for reasons I can't explain I got REALLY into making songs for the #GURPS ( #DnD ) campaign me and some friends are in. Like I figured out a motif and it's quite fun to modify it and/or add different synths/tempos to it.

Usually music isn't as huge of a thing for me so this is an awesome development. Especially considering the "Funky Tune Motif" was initially this songbit that I wasn't sure what to do with, and it was almost left to the wayside like the others

Here, have a playlist I made for the stuff I've created so far soundcloud.com/mannykat8x-1/se

@localtoast@glitch.social I don't use this account anymore, but you are welcome: If there is anything specific you want pictures of, let me know and if it is nearly my regular travels I'll see what I can do.

Introduction time? I'm Canageek, I'm a #Canadian geek, not a geek in a can, or any other odd construction you can think of. I'm working on my PhD in #Inorganic #Chemistry making sensors for dangerous gases and using #crystallography to characterize them.

For fun I play #RPG s, including #GURPS #DnD and #CallofCthluhu . I also read #SFF but not as much as I should. I play the occasional computer and N64 game.

Oh and I'm in love with @DialMforMara , but right now we are living apart due to work.

Hello people from who have just followed you. Just letting you know that I don't use this account anymore, and am leaving it as a backup. I am most active as @Canageek and post roleplaying things to @Canageek@mastodon.weaponvsac.space

@triflings @Wobbuffet @lady3jane @birdbun @AmyNM @WT_Dore

Now online at twitch.tv/canageek myself doing chemistry. Weighing out reagents and chatting today. Come hangout and talk, see how science happens!

(Sorry I'm late!)


Online Play-by-forum (to be exact, via Telegram) for a based Family Friendly setting. Play as anthropomorphic kids into a small city growing up as a Gang, and solving mysteries and helping their fellow neighbors. Take apples to help the local farmer! Get into a scaring mill for a bet! Violence free! No experience needed! Join our Telegram group via t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEQKuOi-O3YF

@KitRedgrave Gurps? Did someone say GURPS? *ears perk up* So who are the PCs?

@Murassa Let me know. I found a great one a while back, who stopped like, two weeks after I followed him, and only updated once after that. Now I'll never know how the story ends.

Used to follow more back when the idea of a zombie fiction blog was new and exciting (...2003?) with the same problem.



Suggesting tags for wandering shop:
#recs for all media recommendations is one I'd like to see, so we can find things people like.

#anime maybe?
#audio or #podcast ?
#movies or #video? How granular do folks want to go?
#books vs. #text vs. ???

Yes, my inner catalog librarian is coming out. Who wants to play create-a-tagging-schema with me while I procrastinate grading?

@craigmaloney The whole idea of only searching tags is really dumb, to be honest. I'm glad Twidere is able to do full-text search. Also problem might be federation fail, which commonly hit searches.

For example search #Warhammer. mastodon.weaponvsac.space, wandering.shop and cybre.space get 0 or 1 hit. octodon.social gets a TON of hits.

Correction: octodon.social gets a bunch of hits for #EclipsePhase Downside of Wandering.shop being such a tiny instance, it doesn't have many connections outside it seems. (Less then cybre.space , more then mastodon.weaponvsac.space )

None of my accounts show any search hits for eclipse phase. Given Mastadons user base, I would have thought an RPG written by Socalists and about a semi-post scarcity society and alternate governance models would be more popular here...

On and transhumanism and you can play anthro characters.

#rpg #rpgchat #roleplayinggames #roleplay #tabletoprpg #tabletop #tabletopgames #eclipsephase

remember, the results of the science march are inconclusive -- we need to conduct many more marches to study their effects, and for a proper double blind, everyone needs to be in black bloc

TFW you get up in the middle of the night to pee, don't put your glasses on, stop to look at your eyes up really close in the mirror cuz you're basically blind, and then suddenly there's a spider crawling like half an inch away from your eye. I mean, I like spiders, but give me my personal space, little arachnid dude.

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