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how twitter works 

RANDOM USER (200 followers): i dont think goats deserve drivers licenses

*after a few retweets/quote tweets, 14k twitter accounts call this person a piece of shit who deserves to die*

RANDOM USER: what the heck!

GLENN GREENWALD: Apparently this odious "random user", ostensibly an adult, believes they can put their goat opinions out there publicly, free from criticism. Of course, the corporate Williamsburg journo clique has predictably jumped to the defense of random user

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OK, I'll bite. Who is good for me to watch regarding being non-binary (besides several of my fabulous mutuals, of course)?

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money, begpost, ugh 

If someone could lend me £100 until the 20th of April that would save me a huge amount of stress and problems. I'm owed roughly £1,500 that should have come weeks ago but won't come until the 20th (and even then only half, hooray).

In the meantime, I have to pay bills (which have just gone up by about 20%) today or tomorrow. My living situation is miserable but survivable, but if I'm late with this it's going to get really horrible.

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due to a pharmaceutical mixup, i was accidentally given the corvid vaccine. i am now inoculated against crows, bluejays, ravens, etc.

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I want to have my current Pop OS installation perfectly synced between my desktop PC and my laptop. All apps, all documents, all states, everything.

What's the best way to accomplish this?

NOTE: I'd be starting from a clean install on the laptop.

@Linux4Everyone I've written a shell script to reinstall all of my apps and snaps, including adding repos to apt. Then I copy over the script, run it, and then use LuckyBackup to sync everything. It takes a few steps and is inelegant, but it works for me.

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A working class hero is something to be

RT @therealssgjoker@twitter.com

I don’t think that can of soup is for his family. #CNN #BreakingNews

🐦🔗: twitter.com/therealssgjoker/st

Policing and How It Sucks 

This book was only written like two years ago and it's only become more relevant.

The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale

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**Armed Racism Keeps No One Safe**

"Robert C. Koehler: A completely different form of public safety and order must emerge, transcending this armed authoritarianism with deeply racist roots.: "


#news #bot

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work clothes begtoot, boosts yes 

okay deleted last begtoot cus we got all the household stuff we need and family stepped up to buy our bed! Thanks to those who got us on all that 🥰

I did just get hired for a new job and I have NO work clothes or shoes/insoles. If anyone has anything black in a us18 or shoes sz10 that would rock, or I wouldn’t say no to thrifting funds of course!

@londonshine (0309)

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“It is the heart of U.S. policy to use fascism to preserve capitalism, while claiming to be saving democracy from communism.” - Michael Parenti

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always interesting when the pigs just come out and clearly state that they think they should be running everything

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lol the brooklyn center police union head said the mayor is being "controlled by political activists", god forbid that the mayor be answerable to the people in his community and not the fucking fascist pigs

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I can’t believe I’m having to write this code in a fucking web server. What a mockery of the web, human rights, and the GDPR.

Fuck you, Google!

#FLoC #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism

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