Behold, the humble American National Standard Slotted Spring Pin. And a lovely chart with all the specs, including drill sizes.

A nice gift from a coworker. He's a capitalist, but hey nobody's perfect.

There is an acute shortage of Tardigrades on the tl today.

USPol, Blog Boys & Boot Lickers 

From a friend...

So after 13 years, two moves and a few nicks and dings, I finally put actual computer parts into this old Ultra Wizard case. I actually felt a bit of glee putting the Ryzen 3 sticker on the front of this ancient and honorable PC case. I still had the bag of screws.
It works pissah as we say around here.

Bad pic through the windshield, but even here in the second whitest state in the country people recognize the problem.
Nice to see.

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