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Liberals: Social media is a breeding ground for hate, extremism, and foreign-influenced propaganda and political destabilization. It’s a fundamental threat to our political system’s independence!

Also liberals: Look at these tOtAlItArIaN gOvErNmEnTs blocking American social media!

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This is the anarchist police department, officer Schratze speaking. Be careful, because I am patrolling the timeline today. I better not catch you spreading antivaxx bullshit, saying slurs, or doing racism. Otherwise I will not hesitate to make use of my complete anarchist police arsenal, including but not limited to:
-asking you what the heck you're doing
-sending you a strongly worded DM
-reporting you
-blocking you
-subtooting you on a really mean way
So you better watch out, crooks

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Advent of Code 

I think I'm actually going to participate in #adventofcode2021 this year. I want to get more comfortable with Rust and this seems like a perfect opportunity. Anyone else participating?


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Remember running a command previously in your shell and want to run it again or edit it? You can use this method:
Press [Ctrl+r]
Type the part of the command you remember.
Press [Ctrl+r] again to keep searching back.
Press [Esc] when you find it then edit/run it.

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Lil guy's latest creation I thought some people would appreciate

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I just picture Elon in a boardroom with a big glass table, he leans over and snorts a Tony-Montana-esque line of coke off of the table and just starts raving about how speech has too much latency and great ideas can only be expressed directly through a direct neural interface.

The table is surrounded by about a dozen people who are trapped in the room and just keep nodding no matter how cranked up he gets.

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The @fedora team wants to make #streaming and #podcasting better for Linux users. Here's what they're doing, and how YOU can help!

cc @cfkschaller @christitustech @thelinuxEXP @Anjyoun @DestLinuxPod


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scheduled the covid booster and my dick is throbbing with anticipation and filling up with an orgasmic joy beyond any pleasure i've ever felt before? anyone else experience this?

Been reading Źiźek's "Hegel in a Wired Brain" and "Neuralink" is the most coke-brained idea I've ever heard.

Sorry Elon, shitty ideas aren't any less shitty if they're shared instantaneously.

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Me: money is fake

Them: yeah it's just paper that we ascribe value to

Me: no it's faker than that. Only 3 percent of USD exists as physical currency. The rest is just bank credit.

Them: right, so money is just numbers in bank accounts that the government creates from nothing

Me: no, it's faker than that. Most money is bank credit, created by private banks. Not the government, not the Fed, banks like Chase or Bank of America. They take zero dollars and turn that into a loan and debt. They decide who gets new money. Capitalists decide where new money is created and who it goes to. If the government paid back all government debt, there would be no more treasury bonds, and then if everybody paid off all their private debt, there would be no more money.

Them: wow, so most money is just credit corresponding to debt, and there's just a small amount of money they borrow from the federal reserve that was created by the government.

Me: no, it's faker than that. Since 2020 reserve requirements were abolished. Banks don't need to legally keep any money on hand or borrow money from the federal reserve or each other at all. They can just pay interest on every dollar they create to the federal reserve without borrowing from the Fed at all.

Them: oh. So money is REALLY fake.

Me: yeah. so if the government just paid off all of our student debt it wouldn't affect the money supply at all. It would do nothing to the economy other than release a huge debt burden. So let's do that.

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What's the most antiquated computer system you've had to deal with in production in recent memory? Why is it still in use? Do you have any horror stories to go along with it?

#askfedi #linux #windows #bsd #macos

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