My inner-ring suburb home is the backdrop of a Disney movie this spring. First a nest of thumpers, then Bambi in our backyard. Can we maybe skip the skunks?

Ashana was hot-headed, which is a feat for a mermaid living in the cold depths of the ocean. Her temper was infamous; so intense that the water around her head would boil.

But most people didn't mind and she had many friends.

Anyone who managed to know her would find her anger often justified and directed towards those who hunted whales and those who carelessly spread pollution.

She was someone whose side you wanted to be on.

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Wanna help your phone's keyboard make its own short story? :ablobcatcoffee:

Write the first word that comes to mind, then start touching on the buttons that insert the suggestions from your phone's auto-complete feature.

Edit minor details in the end and hit publish!

Do it with your eyes closed for extra fun! :ablobblewobble:

I got some nice mini cards and a new awesome paper for color prints! Thought I'd celebrate with a raffle 🌟

Win a set of 3 mini cards: 'Dream dwellers'
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Decided to sell this though I'm not sure anyone would be interested
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Boosts very much appreciated!
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Just got finished making a lovely network diagram of my home network, which has becoming surprising complex over the years. If you eve need a fantastic, free and open source tool for diagramming, mapping, and a ton of other uses, go checkout this out:

Good morning fedifolk and tootfriends!

Today I wish you strength and wisdom ✨

A #monarch butterfly in flight. I've been seeing one or two each time I go for a walk in the neighborhood, but mostly they're flying around too much for me to get a decent photo. This one decided to stick around this one bush for a while.

#nature #butterflies

Academics and self-care 

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⌛ 📚 💀 🖤 ✨

My books are still free until midnight BST tonight!

After that they will go back to costing money, which I am very in need of right now :oh_no:

So act quickly to get my weird stories of necromancy and friendship!

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The pirates had followed the magyk compass for months, through strange, impossibly exotic locations, discovering the myths they believed and feared to be true, yet overcoming each one together.

Finally, they reached The Spot. They began digging at dawn; and gave up for the day at sunset.

"Maybe friendship be the treasure?" offered the cabin boy.

They all paused, then simultaneously swore.

For indeed, that was the treasure they had found.

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I hug the robot. You whisper to me through it. I run my hands trough its hair while I smile at your words.
Then I let go.
It nods and leaves.
In a few hours, it will arrive at your house, disinfect itself, and call me. And I will whisper to you while it caresses you like I would.
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I had a typical Royal childhood. I was kept in a tower, watching people from afar. I had affable attendants who spoke often of friends and family. They even spoke of my own family, when permitted.

My tutors were owls who taught me about stars, creatures past and present, and languages by the dozen. It was exhausting and I'd sleep all day.

Once I turned eighteen, the customary Rescue Trials began. Those were exhausting in a different way...

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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