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One of 2,500 species of North American leafhoppers. More than this, I do not know. This guy is about 1/4" (8mm) long.

Today’s project: last year I bought a Halloween raven decoration and she’s been sitting on top of my bookshelf ever since. This year, I picked up a vulture friend for her. I decided since they’d both be out all year, I should make seasonal accessories. Guess who now have matching beach hats, right in time for the end of summer!

CW - Big Close-up of Small Spider 

CW - Photo of Large, Beautiful Moth 

CW - Mention of Insect Genitals, Photo 

CW - Close-up Photo of Tree Cricket 

CW - Cute Bug Pic for a Bad News Day 

@BobTarte Thank you! Rabbits are such great pets. Maggie is such a diva, a big personality in such a little bunny!

CW - Little spider eating a cricket - photo 

terfs, fascists, emotional labor 

:katya: Welcome new users! We hope you are settling in okay! Kitty.Towners can follow me for Kitty.Town updates.

Feel free to say hello to your neighbors, or not! Whatever boops your snoot! :greatcat:

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