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One of 2,500 species of North American leafhoppers. More than this, I do not know. This guy is about 1/4" (8mm) long.

Today’s project: last year I bought a Halloween raven decoration and she’s been sitting on top of my bookshelf ever since. This year, I picked up a vulture friend for her. I decided since they’d both be out all year, I should make seasonal accessories. Guess who now have matching beach hats, right in time for the end of summer!

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Hymenaster is a group of sea stars often called the 'slime stars' cause they have the ability to emit a whole bunch of mucus

i love this slimy chubby boi
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@BobTarte Thank you! Rabbits are such great pets. Maggie is such a diva, a big personality in such a little bunny!

rotated anatomical drawing so you can all fully appreciate my artistry

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