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Something I learned when my wife fought cancer, something she learned from a friend who's still fighting an auto-immune disease: keep a journal and note something good that happened to you. Perhaps this can be applied in other situations, too. Impostor syndrome? Note something cool you did, every day. How you handled a customer, acted under pressure, enjoyed a thing you did, came in early, whatever you think was your best thing, no matter how small. Then reread it when you are anxious.

Zugfahrten ĂŒbers Land im Bummelzug dauern zwar ihre Zeit, erheitern einen im Gegenzug mit fantastischen Namen. Bin gerade durch den Bahnhof Salzderhelden (Salt of Heroes) gefahren. Könnte auch ein Werbeslogan bei Shadowrun oder ein magisches Salz fĂŒr D&D sein.

There should be a Monster Pizzeria, where you can order a Pizza Minotauros (with Cretan olives) or a Pizza Aswang (with Philippines mangoes).

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Now reading: The Jewel Cave Adventure: Fifty Miles of Discovery Under South Dakota (1977) by spouses Herb and Jan Conn, an account of their many-year exploration of a massive cave.
It's amazing! It's funny, it's full of cave survival tips, every chapter starts with an original poem (also a few original songs with sheet music), and photographs are plentiful. Best of all, it comes with a 2'x3' fold-out map, with place names like "Hobgoblin's Ball Room" and "The Miseries."

What would be a good monster to play a gardener in a labyrinth? A minotauros refugee from the Levant (a cousin of the famous one from Crete) springs to mind immediately, but are there any other applicants for the job?

There is a free theme music available for Talislanta: the Savage Land as MP3 from Nocturnal Media. (I am still waiting for the rules from the kickstarter to arrive, though.)


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Our latest article is up, as @Belchion explores how to rewrite monster manual entries, and goes through the process of how you can do it too!


#gaming #tabletop #creativetoots #dnd #rpgs

I am attempting to turn my monster manual into a PDF with homebrewery, but run into the problem that all the fonts homebrewery uses lacks non-ascii letters. The workaround is to use another font according to their forum, but I find no working description how to globally override the standard fonts. The workarounds I found so far only changes normal text font, but not headlines (or any sans-serif font): homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/sh

I recently finished my monster manual re-interpretation. Now I am looking for a new project and ponder either a dungeon behind a fairy ring or a grotesque city that is ruled by magicians and connects to dozens of worlds.

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The co-option of terminology by people who don't understand it is a persistent issue in general discourse. Generally speaking, some people want to refer to a very specific thing, so they come up with a term for it. They popularize the term, and for awhile, people who talk about that thing use the term very effectively.

But eventually, the term worms its way into the common lexicon, and people start inferring its meaning from context clues, using it improperly, and passing their misunderstanding on to others. Eventually the term is reduced to a squishy thing, valuable as nothing other than a tribal standard.

Incidentally, I've been waiting for someone to write this article for awhile now.


Nach 93 Monstern ist meine Neuinterpretation des Monsterhandbuchs nun abgeschlossen. Es gibt unter anderem zwergische Ameisenreiter und Hobgoblins als Spione.

Hier geht es zu den einzelnen EintrÀgen:


Zombies sind die perfekten Sklaven: Willenlos, unfĂ€hig sich gegen ihren Besitzer aufzulehnen und ĂŒber den Tod hinaus dienstfĂ€hig. belchion.rsp-blogs.de/2018/01/

Böse Herrscher sollten unbedingt eine fliegende Garde ihr eigen nennen, und was sagt "Böser Herrscher" deutlicher als eine fliegende Giftschlange?


Bei der letzten Wahl stellte sich heraus, dass eins der verwendeten Wahlprogramme (PC-Wahl) vor SicherheitslĂŒcken nur so troff. Der CCC fordert jetzt ein offenes Wahlprogramm, wobei das Problem meiner Meinung nach frĂŒher liegt: NĂ€mlich beim Unwillen der LĂ€nder, ihren Kommunen Datenformate und Programme vorzuschreiben, weil sie diese dann aufgrund des KonnexitĂ€tsprinzips bezahlen mĂŒssten. heise.de/-3928392

Wraiths seem to nice and cuddely for your campaigns? Have them terrorize the countryside with their weather control powers!

(German text, you can translate it with DeepL): belchion.rsp-blogs.de/2018/01/

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has a monster of the day series with preternatural monsters: merriam-webster.com/words-at-p

Dnalor der Troll hat ein Monster namens Sneeuwpuppen (Schneepuppen) vorgestellt, eine Art lebenden Talisman fĂŒr Winterreisen:


A small scottish clan bred a race of sheep whose wool was electrically charged. This led to the development of certain super tools, but also to the world wide web, an information transport network stitched together with genetically engineered wool. Originally an underground networks of knitters, it soon became a surveillance technology based on gender discrimination. Only a small group of teenage punk knitters resist.


Thanks @meredith_matthews for inspiration!

The unicorn is a monster that changes between the extremes, and is as likely to heal as it is to harm.


What if trolls are the manifestation of revenge, the ire to destroy who wronged you? Fire might not be enough to cleanse their fury, that might require ritually quenching the thirst for revenge. Not a biological function regrows the troll, but the simply fact that revenge cannot be stopped by violence. belchion.rsp-blogs.de/2017/12/ (English speakers, please use DeepL for translation).