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∧︎∨︎Ξ☈∟︎ㄚ ✅ @Averly

Some days feel a little like this.
(I'm usually somewhere in that background)

But... "there is always hope"


//original artwork by Rizky P. Soedarsono


We should all do a live watch of something together on Netflix or something.

Let's pin that for later.

@tiphra I used to cut hair back at the university in exchange for food, and would volunteer in the admissions office in exchange for books. It's so much better this way, I feel 👍🏼

@IndignantBastard Haha yeah that's pretty much what happened 😉

@IndignantBastard I was lucky to have a nice meal with a great couple who cooked some pot roast, rice, broccoli, gravy(?), some homemade bread, and fresh lemonade 🍽

I also ate a banana and decided to return the favor by baking brownies #ilovebrownies

@aemarc The worst is once you notice, you can't help but notice it more.

I can't even count the number of times I've called people out for this. And I was even attacked once for not "minding my own business"

Pshhh AS IF!

@aemarc Eww that grosses me out! And sadly I see it happening in every public restroom I've ever been to. Especially airports and train stations. #notcool

(Also a note about today - I sent a few dollars to someone through paypal today to help them and within 20 seconds someone had sent me money to help me. There's some good vibes going around right now. Everyone throw your tiny amounts of money around!!)


Hi! I'm Sarah and I'm a writer & editor who hosts the Write Now #podcast.

I'm also a book hoarder, coffee drinker, Buffy nerd, and tech geek, with a penchant for freshly picked apples and rainy spring days.

I like snuggling tiny animals and hearing people's stories.

I care about you.

@tiphra Holy crap dude. Really cool!! 🤘🏼

@WelshPixie WOW I love these. Great work! 👍🏼