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Unsolicited advice of the day: It's okay to get down when you're having a hard time. Feel sorry for yourself! Decide your situation is unfair. It's even okay to roll your eyes a bit at someone for complaining of problems that barely register in your weary eyes.

But don't you dare shit on someone else for getting assistance or having a support network or just plain stumbling into some good luck like they're cheating a system you aren't able to game. What good does that negativity do anyone?

I can't create a Nintendo account without having Facebook or Twitter?

I just wanna play some games 😕

@Angle Yes! But I'm having a bad day/night/week/year/life so... send me the deets and I'll check it out tomorrow 😉👍🏼

"The truth is out there."

I'm still looking...

//original artwork by Isaiah Kajumba



May the souls of the puffy cheese treats rest in peace.

i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i’m 9 days from being homeless. no one will rent to us. we’re not being evicted, but have to be out of the place we’ve lived for 12.5 years at the end of the month. if anyone knows of a place where 3 adults can live that’s safe for a transgender woman in the NJ/NY area, please let me know.

For whatever reason I have a massive craving for cheese puffs. Massive.

//photo by jimmymarble


Step 1: Voice your (true) opinion
Step 2: Watch everyone disappear

I'm convinced it's the only way to rip off the masks, kill the facade, and expose the fake relationships.


TV is weird.

All day people just stare at a gigantic screen of marketing and I'm like #justsaynotozombies because that's what TV watching people look like.

And don't ever try...

• Interrupt their "show"
• Challenge the stupidity
• Interject rational or logical thought
• Touch anyone's beloved remote

I mean, it used to serve a purpose, but I'm not so sure that purpose is serving anything good. I trashed my old TV several years ago and don't miss any of it. Don't be TV derp mmmk? 👍🏼

@Talyaa I say pineapple ALL the things 😉🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍

Hey mommy (@CobaltVelvet) - I'm going through image withdrawal and forced to look at other places to get my fix.

And we all know the internet is full of dark, scary places...


@tcql Sweet! I'm excited 😊 Just not a fan of the humidity, yuck.

@tcql Walking through Philly still I think. Then I'm headed back through NJ then NYC, and hoping to train hop from there down to MD and D.C. 😉👍🏼

If my legs don't die on me I should make it around by this upcoming Thursday!


Free beer and food samples = happy Averly 😊

@Talyaa Right? They're huge and look so delicious!!!