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Glen Ford: '...One of the things that Trump has done is he's actually gotten a few pages ahead of Barack Obama. Barack Obama prosecuted more reporters and whistleblowers than all the other presidents before him combined. But Donald Trump will be the first president to try to put a publisher in prison for telling the truth.

What the Trump administration has done is to create a political test of what kind of speech is protected, and what kind of speech is not protected, in the United States...'

I hate taking pictures of myself. No other thing scares me like having proof of how quick time passes by.

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Humans may have reached North America 100,000 years earlier than we thought # #

@lmorchard now THIS is a truly smart appliance

@1 cool! what do I get? :D

On artificial intelligence and some of the myths surrounding it.

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Che Guevara: Al comunismo lo hacen los pueblos, y estos lo hacen a su imagen y semejanza, en función de su estructura étnica, económica y social.

TFW you're stuck in a call you couldn't care less about and have to wear your "this is interesting" face so noone in the office realizes you're actually fantasizing about burning the whole place to the ground

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We went past the half a million accounts mark an hour ago!

"She said no, then walked away"

@mattcropp looks like a perfect time to get things started :P

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@syndikalista "The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it." AKA the bullshit asymmetry

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@syndikalista the problem with comments like these is they effectively disarm competent people by means of bullshit overload, thus leaving the original commenter in an apparent position of strength, as his bullshit comment remains uncontested

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"European voyages of discovery in the fifteenth century appear much less dramatic when we envisage the dense networks of seafaring that connected the Islamic world with the coast of East #Asia during the eleventh and twelfth century." (Schäfer,Popplow)

#history #transport #discovering #technology

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William Gibson changed his upcoming sci-fi novel after the results of the presidential election # #

"government assisted competition squashing is capitalism. Its cronyism or better known as socialism"

What the fuck did I just read?

@Menura74 yeah we heard a lot about mr. CrazyHair going full retard (with all due respect for our less able brothers and sisters) on immigration-related topics... Unfortunately he's not the only one in Europe