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Intro, two years over due. 2/3 

I'm a former competitive figure skater (pairs) and have jumped in and out of lots of recreational sports over the years.

I enjoy nerdy tech diy projects, tabletop & video games (not that I have the time), the outdoors, and alcohol.

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Intro, two years over due. 1/3 

Guess I should get around to this now.

Hiya! I'm Ryan. Most call me Ry. I'm pan, married, and have 1 kid and 2 cats.

I was born and grew up in Charlottesville,Va ( hence Angry Cvilleian) but moved to Philadelphia at 18 and found it's where I'm "from". Obvi die hard Philly sports fan.

I grew up in a very conservative household, became more of a lib in my late teens, and sprinted leftward through my 20's, becoming the Ancom that I am today.

Selfie ec
Hey, it's your Non-binary girl feeling masc af today. What even is gender?

amab? afab? no, I'm ahab. where the fUCk is that whale??

the "lesbian abby shapiro edits" bits happening at the same time on the tl as "melissa and mads discuss how valid it is to be attracted to human pet guy" bit is a deeply cursed combination

Good morning everyone.

Let's get this baked combination of water,flour, and yeast.

an actual Obama quote from his memoirs that was so evil, so comic book villain-esque in its flimsy justification for killing children, that I had to put it onto a comic panel

Friend: Hey, so I'm thinkin'. What if we rip my dvd collection onto your server? That was you could access it too and it would be easier for me to navigate my collection.

Me: Speakin my language baybee. How many we talkin'?

Friend: Definitely over 1000

Me: ..... I'm gonna have to crunch some numbers.

Selfie, Eye Contact 

Happy #MascMonday! Merry #FatBoyFall!
I hope that *you* specifically, are having A Good One.

This is obviously the About the Author photo for my book of pretentious poems about communism.

and certainly safer than having one baseless monitor haphazardly leaning against some books.

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fellas is it gay to be gayly gay while you are gaying gayly?

Finally got a proper monitor stand. So much better.

New mic should be coming today too. Given I work from home now, figured these would be good personal and work investments.

Sending all living US Presidents* and VPs to The Hague, as a bit.

*Jimmy can stay, he seems to be doing good work.

Happy Thursday, Friends!
It's time for another #MastoSourcedPlaylist!

This is The One About MURDERWALKING.
Just under 50 songs that'll make you emanate such strong do *not* fuck with me vibes that people will leap out of your way when you're stomping down the street with your headphones on.

Enjoy Responsibly.

As always, if you want to participate in future lists, just holler at me! (Or whisper it in my DMs, either way.)


Is it 9 am? Yes. Do I work today? Yes. Did I take a THC/CBD mint before starting work at 9 am? Also yes.

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