I know that Marvel movies are soulless corporate cash cows (even though I enjoy them) but based on the first 2 episodes, WandaVision is something else. Unique, charming, and yet very eerie.

Joke, firearm mention, US pol 

Ok, so who was the one holding Trump at gunpoint while he recorded that video? Or maybe they told him that if he did this he would get his twitter back if he did this?

All RGB lighting is just pride flags in technology form. Sorry, I don't make the rules

food adjacent, feeling out for interest of people on here about a project 

I've been hosting a Open Eats instance as a place to archive family/friends recipes and it got me thinking.

I could create a second one and use it as a recipe sharing resource. Would there be any interest a place where people on here could share their favorite recipes with each other?

I'm really loving how the 6 year old tweet about Leopards Eating People's Faces Party has come back around when it comes to Parler and how capitalism works lol

@Thomas At this point I'm considering doing the same. My brain could use a break

Coup vote 

@whiskeysailor If Cruz has to speak to this, the Dems should bring in Corey Chase to rebut him.

(This joke references a time that feels like 47 years ago)

Shitpost, political 

Diane Feinstein sees a chud with a confederate flag, gets confused and joins their protest

ok, death to america and all that but the wooden crates that the electoral college certificates are in are fucking BOSS


@Taweret official trump parler account in 3...2..

[opens mouth, emits coffee maker noises]

I feel like I have been so absent from this place as of late.

And I feel peckish for shitpost content

CAT (Caterpillar brand heavy machinery) Girls > Catgirls

Doing some writing. Time for some polling:

Name things that, regardless of economic, political, or religious bias, that should be considered a base right as part of existence.

The year is 2058. Streamer culture has taken over. Christmas has been replaced by Unboxing Day. After much international negotiation, Boxing Day was moved to Dec. 23rd.

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