Intro, two years over due. 1/3 

Guess I should get around to this now.

Hiya! I'm Ryan. Most call me Ry. I'm pan, married, and have 1 kid and 2 cats.

I was born and grew up in Charlottesville,Va ( hence Angry Cvilleian) but moved to Philadelphia at 18 and found it's where I'm "from". Obvi die hard Philly sports fan.

I grew up in a very conservative household, became more of a lib in my late teens, and sprinted leftward through my 20's, becoming the Ancom that I am today.

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Intro, two years over due. 2/3 

I'm a former competitive figure skater (pairs) and have jumped in and out of lots of recreational sports over the years.

I enjoy nerdy tech diy projects, tabletop & video games (not that I have the time), the outdoors, and alcohol.

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Intro, two years over due. 3/3 

I'm very outgoing (I'm a Leo) but also want nothing more than to respect others and better myself. So, if there is a boundary that I overstep, something that that you feel should have a CW, or behavior that otherwise makes you feel a certain type of way: Tell me. I'm from Philly, we're used to being called out on our shit. Cause after all, I'm here to make friends.

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