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Intro, two years over due. 1/3 

Guess I should get around to this now.

Hiya! I'm Ryan. Most call me Ry. I'm pan, married, and have 1 kid and 2 cats.

I was born and grew up in Charlottesville,Va ( hence Angry Cvilleian) but moved to Philadelphia at 18 and found it's where I'm "from". Obvi die hard Philly sports fan.

I grew up in a very conservative household, became more of a lib in my late teens, and sprinted leftward through my 20's, becoming the Ancom that I am today.

I need more outdoor spooky décor. That township Halloween award ain't gonna win itself.

Really tough day, mentally.

So I just stress purchased 6 books. Am I doing the “I am an adult” thing right?

Googling how to integrate a trebuchet into my smart home.

Idk why I stopped using Ferdi. Fired it back up again today and remembered how nice it it to have all my socials in one window.

Setting up my smart home so that all Alexas in the house say “OH GOD, OH FUCK” at max volume whenever someone is detected at the front door.

So the Dune jokes are totally coming back around to Mastodon this year, right?

I got an entire leftist discord server on a trend of posting photos of aspics and little did I know the horror I would unleash.

I drive some suburban moms crazy.

No, really, I got vaxxed and now some of them are pissed.

Once I’m finished with this home network project I will be ALWAYS ONLINE

I never thought I would get to a point where I would go “ya know, I should post more” yet, here we are.

Been taking steps to better my mental health and address my past. Started seeing a therapist and have been reading The Reactionary Mind.

Boys,Girls,Enbys, LET ME TELL YA ....

Gonna stream some Exploration in Elite dangerous for anyone bored and wanting to chill

Gonna stream some Exploration in Elite: Dangerous. Come for no reason at all, stay for the chill beats and cool astronomy views.

monarchs these days cant cook,, all they know is be incestuous, perpetuate imperialism, own corgis, eat hot chip and die

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