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Intro, two years over due. 1/3 

Guess I should get around to this now.

Hiya! I'm Ryan. Most call me Ry. I'm pan, married, and have 1 kid and 2 cats.

I was born and grew up in Charlottesville,Va ( hence Angry Cvilleian) but moved to Philadelphia at 18 and found it's where I'm "from". Obvi die hard Philly sports fan.

I grew up in a very conservative household, became more of a lib in my late teens, and sprinted leftward through my 20's, becoming the Ancom that I am today.


lewdish shitpost 

I would totally get a bidet if there was one called the Bussy Blaster 3000™️ that could be ordered by phone for only 7 easy installments of $39.99

Upside is I'll just use the time to study for the certifications I want to get so I can move to a job position that I actually find joy in (fixing things and not dealing with clients)

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Work this week is going to be pointless. You have only 3 days before it's Thanksgiving, then it's black friday (which we have off cause our clients are really inactive that day) then it's the weekend.

Star Wars humor, divorce. 

I both love, and hate, my spouse.

I'm a heat geek, but I'm not even sure what I would practically use this for aside from giving an endorphin high.

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I think I may have just made a hot sauce that could be classified by the UN as a chemical warfare agent.

the gonk droid costume stays ON during sex

Selfie, ec 

Trimmed my hair today and then got lazy and left the top messy af.

Also, this new mic is ridiculous but at the same time it has made work and chatting online so much more enjoyabe.

black holes look like trash in Elite Dangerous, they SHOULD look like THIS

How many Monster Ultras till my chest explodes 2020 challenge

kinda fucked up that corn flakes were made to make you less horny when corn is one letter away from porn

levels of cursed post:

tier I: pretty bad, but a simple CW will do

tier II: dangerous, requires an extra serious CW and warning

tier III: scarring, necessitates a precurser post such as "about to post something awful" accompanied by a tier II compliant CW

tier IV: legitimate infohazard, user must poll the timeline with a post like "should I post this cursed take" before releasing

tier V: so bad that it never gets posted or mentioned; the originator must bear this burden alone, forever

I think the only way to make a film more strange than The Holy Mountain (1973) is to make one that is just the visual representation of all the mastodon shitpost discourse over the past few years.

Hollywood exec, reading my screenplay: "ok, uhh... maybe I missed some context,, what's this about a 'big titty alf'?

Me: Just keep reading

Exec, throwing papers in my face: I don't even WANT to know what a 'wound cube' is.

Intro, two years over due. 3/3 

I'm very outgoing (I'm a Leo) but also want nothing more than to respect others and better myself. So, if there is a boundary that I overstep, something that that you feel should have a CW, or behavior that otherwise makes you feel a certain type of way: Tell me. I'm from Philly, we're used to being called out on our shit. Cause after all, I'm here to make friends.

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