If someone could describe this video for me I would appreciate it

@Aleums white and orange cat timidly nips at bread being offered to him. he repeatedly fails to achieve any purchase on said bread and attempts to employ new tactics such as forcing the hand holding the bread closer to him with his pawb. he has no idea what he's doing wrong. this is devastating.

@breakfastgolem @Aleums [using sleight of hand to drop bites of bread into my sweater] it's no problem for me, mmm yummy!


He's trying to tell you that it needs more butter to help it stick properly!

@Aleums awwh he’s tryin’ his best 😤 my mans deserves some tuna

@Aleums I am not sure if cats should eat bread? I suspect they are predators, who usually do not eat grains in nature.

@Aleums @mrperfect72

Cats of Ancient Egypt:

"We ate lots of delicious roast goose sandwiches and they only made us stronger-- AND taller!"

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