Look, capitalism or not there's a lot of work to do in this world. I think that if we didn't have this stupid system arbitrating the labour market we could do a lot better at getting people into roles that they are good at and that are actually good for the world


Jobs are not all about money. For someone who relies on their labour to pay their bills to survive, the money is obviously the most important thing. But it's not the only thing, there's satisfaction and meaning to be found in having responsibilities and helping people.

This said, fuck bosses and fuck work, and we are gonna have to burn down the current mode of production to make way for the new. So don't get too attached to your role

Sorry for the messy thread I just have lots of thoughts

@Aleums you’re not sorry! I’m the not the one who’s attached to work, y’all are the ones who’re attached to me #RichWhite 😈

@Aleums i have a job for a company that provides care for seniors. i mean it sucks because it's wrapped up in capitalism but it's got some redeeming factors that do provide me with some satisfaction at least. being part of a good team is also pretty nice.

the way i see it is people want to do good work it's just profit motive makes us do bad work

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