It's fine to not want to have kids. It's even fine to not want to date people who have kids. But please curb your vitriol for children, they are people who live in the world same as you and you need to learn to at least tolerate their existence

@Aleums if you wanna have a world full of good adults u gotta treat them right while they're kids

@Aleums who is hating on children, god’s least hateable form of humanity

@Thomas @Aleums some people do. i've met more then a handful in the past few years. it's usually connected in some way to deciding you don't want to have kids of your own. sometimes it's connected to a malthusian horror fantasy.

@nebuchi @Aleums not wanting kids is totally fine but is no reason to hate them is all

@Aleums not to mention that of all the people to get mad at, the children are literally the ones you can't blame in the slightest

@Aleums they are simply marginalized human beings because of their developing neurology. i will never get people who full on hate children. they're cute and smart and fun to talk to as long as you're not projecting your adult ideals onto them

@dexiheart @Aleums either your adult ideals or your memories of the way other kids/adults treated you when you were a kid.

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