#introduction hi! Im an Agatha and I use she/it pronouns and don't mind they/them!

I am:
• a sapphic lesbian trans girl whomst polyam
• autistic and some more fun stuff
• anarcho-communist and antifascist!
• compuppy programmer
• a musician (I'm not good at it but I try to)

I'm interested in:
• music (feel free to talk with me about it !)
• girls
• horror
• viddygames and modding
• drawing and making pretty things in general
• girls and enbies
• literally everything what the heck

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You are looking for some new accounts to follow, yes? I have some suggestions for you


follow reqs 

@pastelpunkbandit @AgathaSorceress yeah I sat and tried to think of some of the most gay lesbians on the website

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