At the age of 12 you participate in a ritual where you announce and describe your gender, and choose your new name. The community acknowledges this with the gift of a silver knife, engraved with this name.

@djsundog @Aleums

Make it really complicated to spell. One mistake and you can demand a replacement!

@Aleums this is basically every fantasy or sci fi setting i build

@Aleums like... i want to live in a world where it's culturally acceptable for people to choose their own names and genders whenever

@hoppet @Aleums

Reminds me of Simoun a little bit. In that anime, everyone is born female, and when they reach 17 they get to choose whether to stay female or switch to male.

@Aleums I feel like I watched or read something recently where they did this but it was to kill yourself instead of getting taken by raiders

@Aleums this is the weirdest bat mitzvah i've been to....

@Aleums the human body entirely replaces all it's cells every ten years(ish) so you could do a new ceremony for each decade as you become a new person.

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