A list of "educational" movies and tv shows recommended by my local coffee shop for pride month

And the books, for good measure. This looks a little better

@infernusgoatus @Blakely @Aleums oh my goodness yes, they have an argument where Sally yells, "fuck him!" and Brian snaps back, "I do!"

@Aleums i like that they include bohemian Rhapsody but leave out handmaiden

@radicalrobit @Aleums it's definitely educational, it taught me that i could be attracted to both himbos AND brooding bisexual sorcerers

@Aleums I love the Birdcage, but I don't love it as a queer movie at all. Also the L Word has quite a bit of mid-90s biphobia in it

@Aleums it's cool how so many of these prominently feature the murder and/or abuse of queer folks

@Aleums ["full of gay caricatures and stereotypes is still representation" voice] Will & Grace

@Aleums if they revise the list, definitely let me know what they add -- I'd be super curious to see

@Aleums Jennifer's Body isn't on there smdh but this list is a mess

@saphie the text is super small too. It's bad. Bad list overall


@Aleums Bohemian Rhapsody literally directed by a child molester


@alex @Aleums woooah I didn't know anything about that man


@alex @Aleums thanks for posting that, I'm looking through all this man's movies

@Aleums what the fuck is this list

Pride (2014) is THE essential gay/history/labor organizing movie and I wish more people knew about it

@Aleums at least they didn't include silence of the lambs

@Aleums low bar yes but i have watched cis gays and queens hit that one over and over despite explicit instructions to not

@Aleums goddamn the one time in my life that i really regret NOT punching someone

@_ @Aleums I was just thinking you may as well throw The Wire in there if we're including any show with a gay character

@Aleums surprised love, simon didn’t make list considering how palatable that movie is for heteros

@pantransautie moonlight 100% should have, it literally won the oscar for best picture on top of being an amazing coming-of-age gay story

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