Due to popular demand, I am launching a Patreon page! Patrons will get access to a private discord server, exclusive weekly track uploads, and more.
If you enjoy my music or my weekly streams, please consider supporting me financially so that I can continue doing these things that I love.

Here is a link to my discord server! Anyone can view announcements in the server, but the other channels will be reserved for patrons.

It only costs one dollar to be admitted into the discord

@Aleums how do i get confirmed as a patreon supporter?

@zorotl I linked patreon with discord, so it should automatically give you the role that lets you view the other channels

@Aleums ok huh i might need to link the accounts on my end then. thanks!

@Aleums I will only join if the discord bagel is turned from bad (ny) to good (Montreal)

@alex you drive a hard bargain. I'll get my team on it and we'll see what we can do

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