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Extremely pleased to report that my latest EP, Where Rivers Meet, is now available to buy and stream on bandcamp. These three tracks are the mosst polished and best sounding pieces I have ever produced, and I really hope you enjoy them.

Today is also bandcamp friday, which means that bandcamp waives their share of payments made on my music and all other music on their site. It's a great day to support musicians.

This EP will also be posted to streaming services in the near future, but for now you can only find it here.

Thanks again to @toroid for the album art!

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Gender update 

I am a non binary man. No changes to my name or pronouns at this time. Thank you

Realizing that I can actually do mastering with outboard gear. Imagine that!

Biden giving a speech like "and another thing! we've gotta... what were they called? those... quaaludes! folks, we have got to get quaaludes back out on the streets again. i talk to young folks across this beautiful country that don't know what they've been missing!"

young people like electronic music because they're afraid of skills

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i'm waiting for the game where there's a secret plot to protect zelda by having link disguise himself as her, but then he ends up not being able to defend himself in heels or whatever so he gets kidnapped

zelda, who wasn't informed of this plan, is furious that they'd allow link to be put in danger for her sake without even asking her, but she has to stay in hiding so ganon doesn't realize that he doesn't actually have zelda

so she has to disguise herself as link to rescue herself

Using an advent calendar as a giant pillminder for the month of December

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Mario, Luigi, please.. sit down. Let me fix-a you a nice hot cup of olive oil

Today's headline: Cohost admins consider banning cheating at chess

Did you know the dutch have their own special kind of skanking

i've been covertly sucking my opponent's dick while they consider their moves, thus ruining their concentration

Its my special board condition as a boss encounter, you see

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