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I just dropped a brand new track, A Private Question, over on my bandcamp page!

Today is also bandcamp friday, which means bandcamp is waiving their cut of any payments made to artists through their site. It's a great day to support artists by buying their music.

Huge thanks to @eclectic and @shade for helping me with the mastering and the art respectively, for doing such a great job on such short notice.


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Due to popular demand, I am launching a Patreon page! Patrons will get access to a private discord server, exclusive weekly track uploads, and more.
If you enjoy my music or my weekly streams, please consider supporting me financially so that I can continue doing these things that I love.

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Gender update 

I am a non binary man. No changes to my name or pronouns at this time. Thank you

That one time US kidnapped a French citizen to facilitate the buyout of 70% of Alstom by its main American competitor General Electric.

*picture of the Incredibles villain in sunglasses and a floral shirt* Havana Syndrome

*looks at a gay couple* so who's the frodo and who's the sam

it's fucked up that caroline polachek's voice is just Like That

time to see if anyone's online playing the ol swordy shooty

what music is good to listen to for testing speakers

pics of dirt, no EC (good nice pictures of my friend dirt) 

[@dirt] in the mirror [is] closer than [she] appear[s]

this evolutionary progression is slaying me. turtle > bird > whale > bird again???

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@Aleums *boots and cats unchanged without any other instruments for 11 minutes* delectable

*puts on a black turtleneck and the tiniest circular sunglasses you've ever seen* time to listen to some minimal techno

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